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The psychological self is made of images, ideas, and memories of:

past relationships

wife, mother, daughter, friend, enemy

lover, boss, teacher, pets


countries, states, towns, neighborhoods


houses, mortgages, clothing, cars

titles and degrees

Professor, Doctor, BFA, MFA


teacher, architect, accountant


religious and political

accomplishments and failures,

desires and plans,

addictions and pleasures.


Each new layer of attachment adds to the sense that I exist, I have continuity, I am related, I am important in relation to what I associate with and disassociate from.


All of this adds up to identity, an accumulated personal identity, one which builds with each additional experience and particular marker of accomplishment.  If each of these experiences is a separate form, and there is a lifetime of forms, there will be accumulation, layers of memory,

form building by addition of form. 

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