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Transparent Being - No Separation

We are Life - looking.  There is no separation between what we see and what we are.  There are no boundaries between the environment that supports our breathing, that provides the stimulus for feeling, and that grounds the weight of our bodies. Without the idea of an individual person, we are thoughts, feelings and perceptions moving through space.  We are looking out from that which we are looking at.

Life has many forms of being and perception.  It looks from many eyes and feels from many senses, human and animal, flora and fauna.  It does not depend on one point of view, but knows itself through all of consciousness.  The flow of Life continues, even though the points of seeing may change as some beings die and others are born. Consciousness is not confined to the individual being. Consciousness is not personal, it does not depend on memory or personal experience. It is the ever changing now. It is one with eternal Life.

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